My top 10 fantasy baseball performers for Fri, July 6th

Apart from the first two players on the list,I had a hard time putting each player at certain positions..I’ve selected 16 players who had a performance worth mentioning but I had to extract six of them and those were Andrew McCutchen,Corey Hart, Nelson Cruz, David Freese, Aramis Ramirez and Curtis Granderson..

The list of best performers of last night looks like this:

1. Anthony Rizzo( ChC, 1B)- .800, R, 4H, HR, 3 RBI

2. Mark Teixeira(NYY, 1B)- .500, 2R, 2H, 4 RBI, SB

3. Alex Rodriguez(NYY, 3B)- .750, 2R, 3H, RBI, 2 SB

4. Melky Cabrera(SF, OF)- .500, R, 2H, HR, 2 RBI

5. Dexter Fowler(Col, OF)- .500, R, 2H, HR, RBI

6. Carlos Gonzalez(Col, OF)- .667, 2R, 2H, 2B, SB

7. Adrian Gonzalez(Bos, 1B)- .600, 2R, 2H, 2B, RBI

8. B.J. Upton(TB, OF)- .750, 2R, 3H, RBI

9. David Ortiz(Bos, DH)- .750, R, 3H, RBI

10. Aaron Hill(Ari, 2B)- .750, R ,3H, RBI


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