Jimmy’s pitchers duels of the day

Yesterday,I had no doubt which pitching duel would be the most interesting but today I can’t make a decision as there are a lot of quality pitching duels..I decided to take two but it wasn’t easy either because I had to overlook duels like Zack Greinke vs Wandy Rodriguez or Ricky Romero vs Gavin Floyd or Jason Vargas vs Jarrod Parker..But these two duels I’ve chosen will certainly be the most quality ones today..

Duel #1:

Jason Hammel vs Jered Weaver

Hammel(8-4) lost his last two starts with pretty unimpressive performances,giving up 12 earned runs and 15 hits along with 10 strikeouts..His ERA changed drastically after those two games and increased from 2.61 to 3.43..His WHIP has increased,to and it’s 1.20 now..Striking out is his major asset as he has 97 SO in 99.2 innings pitched(he’s not Stephen Strasburg but those are very good numbers,too)..

Weaver(9-1) is a top 3 pitcher in American League,no doubt..He leads the American League in ERA, WHIP and W%..He won his last three starts and his ERA has dropped from 2.40 to 2.13 with WHIP of 0.94..He might not be the strikeout machine like his opponent but he’s given up only 62 hits the whole season..


Duel #2:

Ryan Vogelsong vs James McDonald

Vogelsong(7-3) took a no decision in his last start when he allowed two runs over seven innings against the Reds. He leads the National League in ERA (2.26) with a WHIP of 1.11 and lots of people say he got snubbed from National League’s All Star Team..His ERA has constantly been below 2.50 since the start of June..I expect from him to keep pitching well in July..

James McDonald(8-3) is certainly a top 5 pitcher in the National League this season..He won his last three starts but the game against the Phillies on 27th of June increased his ERA from 2.19 to 2.45..His WHIP has remained the same, though and it’s 1.00 now (3rd in NL)..He pitched against the Giants on April 13th and that was his first loss of the season when he gave up 6 hits and 3 earned runs..



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