Celtics or Heat?-Ray Allen isn’t answering this question

The future of Ray Allen is still not decided and it looks like it won’t be decided in next 10 days,at least..He met with Heat’s front office but they didn’t get an answer from the veteran and they are waiting for him to decide whether he’s leaving the Celtics or not..

Heat offered Allen a mid-level exception, a three-year contract that could be worth about 9,5 million bucks..Celtics are offering him a different contract,6 million per year for two seasons..It looks like remaining a Celtic is still an option for him and it looks like we’re gonna have a Zach Parise scenario here..He’ll take his time and make a decision when the time is right,just like a young stud from Minny..

The problem with staying with Celtics is that there’s a newcomer that could spoil Ray’s playing time..He would have to play alongside Jason Terry and I’m not sure that’s something that makes Ray happy..Personally,I’d like to see Ray staying with Celtics but it’s his decision..


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