Jay Cutler vs Ben Roethlisberger

With the fantasy football drafts already on the way,it’s time to do some comparisons at certain positions..I saw one conversation on Yahoo Sports between a couple of experts,one on Cutler’s side,the other on Ben’s side..I decided to do my own comparison..

Jay Cutler didn’t have an outstanding season in 2011 and his fantasy owners weren’t very happy with him(I wasn’t happy either)..It was either the lack of good receivers or his injuries,but all in all,this guy was a complete bust in terms of fantasy football..Everybody’s predicting him a brighter future now that he has decent offensive weapons,leaded by newcomer from Miami,Brandon Marshall..Marshall will certainly make Cutler improve a lot as his size and speed give him the advantage over most cornerbacks in NFL..There’s also Alshon Jeffery, second round draft pick from this year’s draft,who can work just fine as a third receiver..


As for Ben Roethlisberger,he’s the guy who had a good season in 2011 and the one who usually brought up 15-20 points a week(in fantasy football,yes)..When the season started he had a fine WR corpse that included Mike Wallace,Hines Ward,Jerricho Cotchery and Emmanuel Sanders..But as the season was progressing, one guy was proving himself more and more and easily earned the starting job with his talent and skills..Yes,it’s Antonio Brown and yes,he was a rookie but a rookie who also worked as KR/PR..Now Ben has a top 5 WR duo in the league and I think he’ll keep them busy all season long..

So,who do i give the slight edge here? Ben Roethlisberger,just because of that great duo he has..Jay Cutler might prove me wrong but this is my current opinion..



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