Is Kevin Durant better than Dwight Howard?

.After this season,we’ve seen that LeBron is without a doubt the best player in the NBA..He’s been dominant the whole regular season and he continued his domination in the playoffs when got the award for the Finals MVP..But what about the second best player in the NBA?

Is it Kevin Durant?

Is it Dwight Howard?

Or maybe someone else?

Let’s see..Dwight Howard,arguably the best defender this league has seen in the last decade,great leader of the Orlando Magic..He’s one of the best in the paint,he can find a lot of different positions to score and his FG% is always around 50%(more-less)..Last season wasn’t very impressive for him,even though Orlando was #4 in Eastern Conference at some point of the season..He became a little bit indecisive and that ruined his reputaion..He got hurt at the end of the season and a lot of fantasy owners were pissed..

On the other side,we have Kevin Durant,young stud from OKC Thunder,NBA scoring champion,great shooter and scorer..His leadership brought OKC to this year’s finals..He might not be the great defender like Dwight but he’s slightly a better leader than Dwight and he can also be called the clutchest player in the league,known for his game-winning shots..Unlike Dwight,he’s not acting like a complete diva and doesn’t want to be the center of attenttion..He’s only 23 so there’s a bright career in front of him..


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