Euro 2012

So Poland and Ukraine were the proud hosts of this international tournament and they did a very good job organizing it..Yeah,we should probably overlook all those fights and stuff and say that the organization was on its highest level..All in all,they should be proud of themselves and hope they get another Euro organization in next hundred years or thousand,but it won’t happen again,I guess..

The only thing that matters is football (soccer for USA people) and this time I found myself being bored with football games on my TV screen..I never get bored when watching football but yet those sixteen teams managed to make me happy when the game is over..Of course,I won’t be the total hater here,there were a few great games that made this tournament worth watching..There weren’t a lot of goals (the least goals scored EVER) and that wasn’t very exciting so the fans found their own ways to be happy,like licking boobs or throwing bananas at players (I’m looking at you,Croatia)..

Group stages were boring and pretty much every team I expected to pass to the knockout stage,passed except the Netherlands and Russia..Poor Netherlands,for a team that’s a silver medal winner on the World Cup,they got knocked out very hard,even by Denmark(Van Persie doesn’t simply miss the whole ball,lol)..Russian team was like “Oh we’re the best in the group,we have the star players,we’ll pass easily”..No you won’t Russia..Greece is struggling with bankruptcy but they beat you with their heart..

Knockout stages were kind of interesting..Germany showed their teeth against Greece proving that Gary Lineker was right..Portugal won a lot harder than I thought they would but I guess they were saving their energy for the big semifinal against their fellow neighbors ,Spain..Italy and England played a boring quarterfinal match that was decided by penalty kicks..Everything was ok until Ashley Young knocked that post so hard that my deaf grandma woke up in the room next door..

Pyrenees’ neighbours had to decide which one is the first finalist of Euro 2012..This game was a bit more exciting than England vs Italy in quarterfinals but there were no goals after 90 minutes..Not even after 120 minuts..So penalty kicks again,yay..Goalkeepers were saving,players were scoring and all the sudden Bruno Alves decides to follow the steps of young Ashley Young and that meant the end for Portugal..Germany and Italy matched in the second semifinal,winner’s name is not necessary,you can just see the amount of Mario Balotelli’s muscle showing pictures being posted on social networks and everything will be clear..

Spain and Italy met in Kiev to decide the winner of Euro 2012..I can now safely say that you can bet all your savings on Spain and you’ll win every single time (unless they play USA,of course)..Spain possessed that Tango ball for the majority of time and that resulted with four goals in Buffon’s net..Iniesta is the best player and TORRES is the best scorer(haters won’t hate anymore)..The cup returns to Madrid and Italy will probably wait for another 44 years to win it again..I hope someone else wins the trophy in 2016 or this game won’t be funny anymore..

And yeah,Gary,football is a game where 22 people run for a ball for 90 minutes and at the end,the Spanish win.


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